• The art of to be nothing

  • is to be everything.

  • experiences, mood, thoughts, me;

  • I'm a Sweden based artist. I decided to make my childhood dream come true. To reach the feeling of a master. My foundation manifests through philosophy that transforms into the real world.

    I cherish my privacy. It makes it easier for me to breathe and immerse myself in creative things. I practice battōjutsu and kenjutsu. Besides that, I paint in oil in the style of hyperrealism.

  • The art of to be nothing is to be everything.

  • One step deeper in the feeling. Changing direction.

I enter hell, to do my thing and to understand or die. This feeling cannot be more hyper or real. 

Malyn, Bucha, then Kyiv. The day I was in Kyiv, it was a rocket attack. I survived, but people died. Being there expands the perspective.

  • The Bucha massacre (Ukrainian: Бучанська різанина) was the killing and

My art after Ukraine – Sky alarm, I was there. Abstract art zoom away.

I peered down into the crater. There lay a child gruesomely torn asunder into pieces along with some adults. 

See it with the own eyes will change you.

She lay in the sand, forlorn, dying, and desperately begging for water. I asked destiny what to do, and it answered;

“Feel because you have a heart. Think because you have a mind. Act because you have hands.”

I put my hands together and filled them with tears from my heart. Then I whispered to her; drink, and live.