I decided to make my childhood dream come true. To reach the feeling of a master.
Copy Editor: Anthony Mugweru
  • The battle of Irpin

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On the border, before I entered the war. Something was terribly wrong. I felt all the people's feelings at once. It was almost unbearable. I voluntarily chose to enter hell.

  • The Bucha massacre

I peered down into the crater. There lay a child gruesomely torn asunder into pieces along with some adults.

I found a woman in the desert. She lay in the sand, forlorn, dying, and desperately begging for water. I asked destiny what to do, and it answered;

“Feel because you have a heart. Think because you have a mind. Act because you have hands.”

I felt pain in my heart and imagined a cup in my mind. I put my hands together and filled them with my tears. Then I whispered to her; drink, and live.

The Never Ending Story

In the darkness, there was light.

War child

I was in the middle of the war, a tragedy, melancholy, and the most beautiful birthday I have ever seen. I fixed her birthday.

My dog



Grade: 5 dan, kenjutsu, battōjutsu.